Synology Cloud Station Extremely Slow

Julian —  23. July 2014 — 6 Comments

In my effort to move away from Dropbox, I was testing Synology CloudStation with my own Synology NAS at home, I was very frustrated with the extremely slow speed.

Because I was still in testing mode, I used a Synology feature called “Quickconnect”, that I thought would work like a Dynamic DNS. While it usually does, if you use it together with CloudStation, it seams that the traffic is routed through Synology’s servers, which a) makes it incredibly slow and b) kind of defeats the purpose of more security. (The traffic is still encrypted, if you use SSL)

The solution to the problem is very simple: Do not use Quickconnect and connect directly to the DiskStation. If it has a public IP address open TCP port 6690 or forward that port from your router or firewall if the DiskStation has only a private IP address, e.g. in your home network. You will get a much better performance.

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  1. hello,

    I have a fixed IPv4 and 415play (server) and 212+ (client). My internet connection is 150 / 10Mbps. My speed is a maximum of 100kB / s. Cloud is not usable for me. Find better ways. My upload is to be 10Mbit!

  2. I understand the way of opening port 6690, forward it to the NAS and connect to the Cloud Station through the router. But what is the purpose of opening port 6690 and NOT forward it to the NAS respectivly NOT connecting through the router? Do I need to open port 6690 if I did not connect to Cloud Station via Quick Connect but via local IP address? I it extremly slow. I hope in this case traffic does not reach Synologys servers! This would be terrible!

    • Yeah, that is a bit misleading. If your NAS has a public IP address, e.g. in your DMZ or a Data Center, you just need to open the port on the router or the firewall. If your NAS has a non-routable IP address, e.g. in your internal home network you need to forward the port. I will try to change the text a bit to make it more clear. Thanks for the question.

      • Thanks for your reply. That makes sense.
        This explains the way if you want to use your Cloud Station server from outside of your local area network. In my case I only want to use it local and entered the local IP address of the server. However transfer rates are very very slow.

  3. Thanks for the post! I was setting up syncing between a pair of DiskStations and the slow connectivity was driving me bonkers.

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