Convert WMA to MP3 with VLC

Julian —  28. May 2013 — 2 Comments

I just found out that you can use VLC to convert WMA audio files to MP3 without installing any additional tools. There are just a few easy steps:

  1. Open the WMA file(s) in VLC
  2. Go to File -> Streaming/Export Wizard
  3. Choose “Transcode/Save to file” and click Next
  4. Choose “Existing playlist item”, highlight the items you want converted, and click Next
  5. Select “Transcode audio” option and deselect “Transcode Video”
  6. Set the codec to “MP3”, choose a bitrate and click “Next”
  7. Set your encapsulation to “RAW” and click Next
  8. Set your destination directory, type in a filename and click Next
  9. Rename the file from xxx.raw to xxx.mp3

That’s it.

2 responses to Convert WMA to MP3 with VLC

  1. I hope you can help. I can get through step eight and then I don’t see a place to rename the file from xxx.raw to xxx.mp3. I am using a MacBook Air. Thank you!

    • Hi. Mac Finder and Windows Explorer usually do not display the file extensions. So you probably have to enable that first. On the Mac it is in Finder > Settings > Extra. In Windows it was somewhere in the Windows Explorer settings.

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