Unter Druck ist man tatsächlich kreativer

Julian —  17. August 2012 — Leave a comment

Ich hab es ja irgendwie immer gedacht, aber es scheint tatsächlich zu stimmen. Unter Druck ist man kreativer, als wenn man einfach auf eine spontane Eingebung vertraut:

Data for 3 groups of 9 ‘blocked’ writers who sought treatment to increase their output as writers are presented. Academicians who charted both their writing output and their generation of creative ideas for writing over 10 weeks of treatment showed the highest level of creativity under contingency management conditions that essentially forced them to write habitually. Subjects who wrote spontaneously reported modest levels of creativity, once writing was practiced with some regularity. Subjects who voluntarily abstained from professional writing generated minimal numbers of creative ideas. Conclusions:

(1) External contingencies that ‘produce’ writing seem to facilitate, not impede, creativity.

(2) Spontaneity in writing is relatively ineffective, compared to contingency management, for producing written copy or novel and useful ideas.

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