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Die ideale Teetasse

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Zwar trinke ich selber nur Tee wenn ich krank bin, aber selbst von da kenne ich zwei Probleme: Zuerst fällt einem immer die Schnur in den Tee und später verbrüht man sich die Finger wenn man den Teebeutel auswringen will oder man spritzt sich den Tisch dabei voll. Genau diese beiden Themen hat der Tea Cup SlingsHOT gelöst:


Weil Produkte mit einem guten Design das Selbstwertgefühl heben:

Just as good looks bestow an unconscious “beauty premium” on people, high aesthetics bestows an unrecognized benefit on consumer goods. Specifically, choosing a product with good design affirms the consumer’s sense of self. Choice of a highly aesthetic product was compared with choice of products superior on other attributes including function, brand, and hedonics to show that only aesthetics influences a consumer’s personal values. In study 1 a prior self-affirming task leads to a decrease in choice share of a highly aesthetic option. Studies 2 and 3 mimic prior research on self-affirmation with, however, choice of a highly aesthetic product replacing a traditional self-affirmation manipulation.Choosing a product with good design resulted in increased openness to counter-attitudinal arguments and reduced propensity to escalate commitment toward a failing course of action. There are numerous implications of this form of self-affirmation, from public policy to retail therapy.

Quelle: “Self-Affirmation through the Choice of Highly Aesthetic Products” from Journal of Consumer Research (via)

blk. | The Dark Side of Water

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